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How often does the car air conditioner add fluorine? Introduction to automobile knowledge
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In the middle of spring, we should prepare for summer vacation. It's hot in summer. Car owners will turn on the car air conditioner. Many car owners turn on the air conditioner and find that the air conditioner doesn't cool.


In the middle of spring, we should prepare for summer vacation. It's hot in summer. Car owners will turn on the car air conditioner. Many car owners turn on the air conditioner and find that the air conditioner doesn't cool. What causes the car air conditioner not to cool? There are many reasons why the air conditioner does not cool. The common reasons are: the quality problem of the refrigerator, the problem of the remote control, and even the damage of the capacitor.

Reasons for non refrigeration of automobile air conditioner:

1. Internal or external fan or capacitor damage:

The main performance is: if the external fan is broken, the main performance is that the exhaust temperature is too high or the high pressure is too high; If the internal fan is broken, it shows that the internal fan is frosted.

2. Refrigerant leakage or poor refrigerant quality:

Because the arrival of summer has brought prosperity to the refrigerant market, there are a lot of substandard refrigerants on the market. If you happen to buy this kind of refrigerant, your car's air conditioner does not cool, which is very normal. If so, just replace the refrigerant of the car air conditioner.

3. The zero fire wire of air conditioning power supply is connected reversely:

This phenomenon generally only occurs when the automobile air conditioner is installed. If everything is normal after the installation of automobile air conditioner, this phenomenon can be eliminated. Hangzhou air conditioning maintenance company Tel

4. Compressor Capacitor damaged or poor

If the capacitance of the automobile compressor is damaged or poor, the compressor will not work. The main performance is: the internal and external machines of the car work, the compressor will not rotate, and it will cause overheating.

5. Poor remote control or poor air conditioning receiver

This reason can be said to be a very common phenomenon. If you turn on the car air conditioner, the air conditioner doesn't respond or doesn't work from time to time. In this case, you need to check whether the remote control or air conditioning receiver is "in a small mood".

6. Air conditioner internal or external control board failure

The main manifestations are: there is no response after the car air conditioner is turned on, or the car air conditioner "moves disorderly"

7. The room temperature sensing head of automobile air conditioner reaches the set temperature

In fact, the car air conditioner is the same as the indoor air conditioner at home. If the room temperature sensing head of the car air conditioner reaches the set temperature, the external unit of the air conditioner will not work. The main performance is: after the air conditioner reaches a certain temperature, it enters the shutdown state.

Car air conditioning makes you know more about cars

usage method

In order to create a cool and comfortable interior space, it is essential to use the air conditioner correctly and carry out necessary maintenance on the air conditioner. Correct use and maintenance methods can not only bring you a cool summer, but also prolong the service life of the air conditioner. The following "nine precautions" for the use of the air conditioner may be helpful to you.

1、 Be careful when refitting the air conditioner

It is not recommended to refit the car's air conditioner, because the original air conditioner is matched with the car's engine. If refitted at will, it will affect the performance of the car.

2、 The air conditioning temperature should not be too low

Selecting the appropriate air conditioning temperature is the first step of air conditioning maintenance. Due to the hot weather, many car owners like to adjust the temperature too low, which will affect their health. Under normal conditions, the difference between the temperature in the compartment and the outside temperature shall be 5 ℃ to 6 ℃, that is, the temperature of the air conditioner is 18 ℃ to 25 ℃.

3、 Control air outlet direction

We who think we have rich knowledge of physics must remember the principle of cold air sinking and hot air rising. Don't forget to learn and use it flexibly. Principle of air outlet of automobile air conditioner: when the air conditioner is turned on, the air outlet shall be upward, and when the heating is turned on, the air outlet shall be downward.

4、 Don't open it too long

We know you are "not bad for money", but we still encourage you to turn off the air conditioner properly during driving. Using the air conditioner for a long time will cause excessive pressure in the condenser, which will cause loss to the refrigeration system. Therefore, if the temperature in the car has made you happy, you might as well turn off the air conditioner for a while and let it rest for a while.

5、 Open the large air volume properly

Afraid of noise, how long have you only enjoyed the gentle wind and rain in the small wind? Let it sing a song appropriately! When the air conditioner is used, it will absorb a lot of dust. Regular high winds can blow out the floating dust on the inner surface of the air duct. The simplest method is the most effective. Telephone number of Hangzhou central air conditioning maintenance company

6、 Turn off the air conditioner when driving at low speed

When driving at low speed, try to turn off the air conditioner. In case of traffic jam, do not make the engine run at a higher speed in order to improve the air conditioning efficiency, which will shorten the service life of the engine and air conditioning compressor.

7、 The switching procedure should be kept in mind

Turn off the air conditioner first and then turn off the engine, which can ensure that the vehicle is simply started at the next start; On the contrary, the air conditioner that is not completely turned off will start with the engine, so high load operation will damage the engine. Many car owners often think of turning off the air conditioner after turning off the engine. Therefore, turn off the air conditioner and then turn off the engine after each stop. It is best to turn on the air conditioner after the vehicle is started for two or three minutes and the engine is lubricated.

8、 Air conditioning for a long time in the hot sun

For vehicles parked in the hot sun for a long time, the temperature in the compartment is very high. In this case, do not use the air conditioner immediately after the vehicle is started. First open all the windows for ventilation and exhaust the hot air. After the temperature in the compartment drops, close the windows and turn on the air conditioner. In addition, the air conditioner shall not be turned on and off frequently to prevent damage to the air conditioning system. Especially for pickup truck models, it should be avoided to switch on and off the air conditioner repeatedly when shipping goods in a short time.

9、 Turn on the air conditioner in the car and try not to smoke

When the air conditioner is turned on in the car, passengers shall not smoke in the car. If you smoke, please adjust the ventilation control of the air conditioner to the external circulation position. It should also be noted that you should remember not to rest or sleep for a long time in a parked car with air conditioning on. When the vehicle stops, the ventilation in the closed compartment with air conditioner on is poor. If the air conditioner is on to rest or sleep at this time, it is likely that the harmful gas discharged by the engine will leak into the vehicle, causing personnel poisoning and even life-threatening. Hangzhou professional air conditioning maintenance company Tel

Cleaning method of automobile air conditioner

1. Replace the dust filter

The routine cleaning of the air conditioning system includes replacing the filter element, using detergent and removing it. Replacing the dust filter is the simplest way. The cost is low, but it can keep the air inlet unobstructed. Car owners with a little mechanical knowledge can clean it by themselves. The dust filter of most small cars is under the front windshield and covered by the water trough. When replacing the dust filter, open the engine cover first, remove the clip fixing the flow tank, remove the flow tank, and you can see the dust filter. If the dust filter is not used for a long time, it can be blown clean with high-pressure air; If it is blocked, directly remove and replace an original dust filter, and then install it as it is.

2. External circulation air duct sterilization

There are many kinds of cleaning agents used to clean the air duct of air conditioner on the market, which can be purchased by car owners themselves. Remove the dust filter, start the vehicle, turn on the air conditioner and put the air conditioner in the external circulating gear. Spray the foam cleaning agent into the dust filter. The external circulation wind of the air conditioner will suck the cleaning agent into the air duct, remove the bacteria and eliminate the odor from the air duct, the evaporator of the air conditioner and the radiator, and the dirt will flow out of the outlet of the air conditioner. After cleaning, it is best to replace the dust filter, and the air outlet in the car will blow out fresh air.

3. Send to maintenance station for cleaning

Replacing the dust filter and cleaning the air duct with cleaning agent are all cleaned from the outside of the air conditioning system. If the air volume at the air outlet is still small and the peculiar smell is not completely removed, you can only go to the repair shop to remove the air box, replace the evaporator and manually clean the shell of the air conditioning heating device. However, the bellows is generally installed under the instrument panel of the vehicle, which has a large maintenance workload and high cost.

4. Ozone sterilization

High concentration ozone water is used to sterilize automobile air conditioning. It is understood that ozone water is one of the strongest oxidants available at present. It can easily oxidize and denature the protein shell of bacteria and fungi, quickly kill bacterial propagules and spores, and oxidize and decompose Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, hepatitis virus and cold virus. Ozone is active and can be reduced to oxygen at room temperature. It is the most environmentally friendly bactericidal substance at present. Hangzhou air conditioning cleaning company telephone

Introduction to automobile air conditioning cleaning and bacteria prevention

In summer, it is the season of frequent use of automobile air conditioner. It is necessary to do a cleaning project of automobile air conditioner before frequent use of automobile air conditioner to avoid air conditioner failure and prevent bacteria and viruses from breeding in the air conditioner, which will seriously harm the health of car owners and affect normal use. Hangzhou Meiqi air conditioning maintenance company will recommend cleaning and anti bacteria strategies for car air conditioning in summer.

Accumulating bacteria

The evaporator and fan of automobile air conditioner are in a closed and dark state for a long time, and the internal environment is high temperature and humid. After the impurities, dust, bacteria and viruses in the air enter the interior of the air conditioner, they adhere to the condensed water and block the evaporator and other components. Over time, a lot of dirt, nicotine, mold, fungi, etc. are adhered.

This situation is mainly caused by the structural characteristics of the air conditioning system itself. The air conditioning system mainly takes fluorine or 134a as the medium and achieves the purpose of refrigeration through the transformation of system pressure. It is composed of evaporation tank, expansion valve, compressor, blower, condenser, drying tank and pipeline. When the air conditioning system works normally, the evaporation tank works in a cold environment, and water will be generated when encountering relatively hot air outside, which is also the reason for designing the outlet pipe in the evaporation tank structure; The humid environment of evaporation tank and ventilation duct and the dust on the surface provide a hotbed for the breeding of mold and fungi.

Easily inhaled bacteria

Molds and fungi will quickly multiply into molds and fungi, producing biological rotten odors. These odors will be mixed in the air conditioner with the opening of the air conditioner, polluting the interior of the whole carriage and often making drivers and passengers feel uncomfortable. People with allergies may feel deeper. Hangzhou air conditioning installation company telephone

After a long winter and spring, in summer, when we start using car air conditioning again, harmful bacteria will be blown out of the air conditioning and inhaled into the human body in the closed and narrow space in the car, which will lead to various symptoms of "car air conditioning disease"; Every driver should pay attention to improving the air in the car and improving the refrigeration efficiency of the air conditioner.

Keep away from germs

Before summer comes, before the use of air conditioners, it is suggested that car owners clean the air conditioning lines and evaporation boxes, and the air conditioning cleaning methods on the market are foam type and spray type.

The foam cleaning method is to directly spray the foam cleaning agent into the air conditioning pipeline and clean it by blowing the foam and adhering to the dust. However, a lot of dirt can hardly be adhered to completely, and the foam adhered to the wall of the pipeline and easily adhered to the dust, resulting in the two pollution.

Another type of spray is the car air conditioner free dismantling and cleaning technology, spraying the liquid into the air conditioning pipe of the vehicle. The advantage of this method is that the blower can evenly spray the liquid on the place where the blower can blow, and quickly remove pollutants such as dust, grease stain, mold and other pollutants adhered to the evaporator, filter, condenser, pipe and other parts of the air conditioner, so as to achieve cleanliness, sterilization and so on. The purpose of antibacterial is to avoid secondary pollution and form a protective film to inhibit mold regeneration. It is important to form a good habit of using vehicles and maintenance, and the combination effect of prevention and treatment.

Does automobile air conditioning cost oil for refrigeration or oil for heating? Do you really know?

The compressor of automobile air conditioner is driven by the engine. Turning on the air conditioner is equal to increasing the engine load. Of course, it needs more fuel. When the air conditioner is turned on, the fuel consumption is higher than when the air conditioner is not turned on, and the fuel consumption is not increased when heating. But when running at high speed, opening the window for ventilation and cooling costs more oil than closing the window and opening the air conditioner for refrigeration. Because the wind resistance increases. Refrigeration costs oil, heating does not cost oil. Only turning on the cold air conditioner consumes fuel. Hangzhou central air conditioning cleaning and maintenance company Tel

If AC is not turned on, the press will not rotate, and there will be no cold air even if it is hit on the cold air. Heating is very simple, that is, using the heat of the radiator of the engine. As long as the engine works, there will be hot air. As long as the fan turns, it consumes energy. The electricity on the car is still replaced by oil. Refrigeration is no different from conventional air conditioning. The refrigeration mode consumes oil because the compressor needs power when running. Heating mainly uses engine cooling water, which is heated through heating. No fuel consumption, the principle of engine heat dissipation.

During the cold start-up phase of the engine, the engine water temperature is not heated to the reasonable working range (you can observe the water temperature gauge of the vehicle, 80-95 ℃). In order to make the vehicle enter the best working state as soon as possible, the fuel system will increase fuel injection to improve the idle speed, speed up the engine operation and raise the water temperature to the reasonable range. At this time, if the heating system is turned on, the water temperature is not enough to achieve the effect of air conditioning and heating, and the on-board system will increase the fuel injection and increase the idle speed to assist the engine in heating up. Therefore, if the hot air is turned on in the cold phase or driving at low speed for a long time after starting, it is actually a method of fuel consumption. However, when the vehicle enters the high-speed stage or the water temperature soon rises to the best, the vehicle will no longer consume too much fuel. On the contrary, refrigeration drives the refrigerant cycle through the compressor. The compressor is driven by the engine through the belt, which consumes engine energy, that is, oil.

Why does traditional gasoline passenger car refrigeration cost more oil than heating?

When the AC refrigeration button of the air conditioner is started, the compressor starts to work to bring the heat in the passenger compartment to the condenser in the front compartment of the whole vehicle. Generally, the cooling fan in the front compartment also starts to work to dissipate the heat of the condenser into the air in the front compartment. The power consumption of the compressor is generally above 2kW, which needs to be provided by the engine. Generally, under urban working conditions, the effective power of the engine is less than 15kw, and the power of the compressor accounts for more than 10% of the engine fuel consumption. There is no statistics on the proportion of cooling fan power.

Heating is generally lost to the passenger compartment through the warm air radiator. The heat taken away by the coolant must be lost in order to stabilize the normal operation of the engine, that is, heating uses the by-product (heat to be lost) generated by the engine work, and basically does not increase the engine working load, The effect on fuel consumption is not very obvious.

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